Words are my bread, my butter, and my jam. I write website and web advertising copy, e-newsletters, social media, press releases, and advertisements, as well as long-form essays and blog entries. If there's anything that you don't see here, let me know! I love honing my skills and flexing my muscles on new projects. 

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From November 2018 to September 2019, I had the privilege of working with Photon Factory (design) and Story2Designs (website architecture, development, SEO, and UX design) on a new website for Velocity Dance Center. On September 24, 2019, the site soft-launched to rave reviews from the Velocity community. We wanted our artists to be the stand-out feature of the site. So for copy, we focused on maintaining a friendly, crisp tone, while emphasizing Velocity's open doors with a clean, broad design. 


Lover of Low Creatures

Velocity Dance Center 

Seattle, May, 2019

Fall/Winter Season 2019-20

Velocity Dance Center 

Seattle, September, 2019

Sean Dorsey Dance

Velocity Dance Center 

Seattle, September, 2019


The Gray 

Seattle, March, 2019


joB Dance

Seattle, March, 2019

Blogs & Articles

"A weekend in the Methow Valley"

Seattle, July, 2019


Tags: outdoors, travel, outdoor sports, adventure, hiking, camping, food

"Getting your dog fix on vacay"

Kauai, September, 2019


Tags: dogs, dog mom, foster dogs, rescue dogs, vacation, travel, outdoors

"Imperfect Produce becomes Imperfect Foods"

Seattle, October, 2019


Tags: environmentalism, economy, food, commerce

"What the f*** is a VSCO girl?"

Seattle, October, 2019


Tags: environmentalism, tech, culture, pop culture, society, social media, doom, Greta Thunberg, teens, teen culture

Essays & Talks

"Yeah, but...I'm not listening" 

Lihue, 2019

"Reckoning: Performance, ritual, & computation"

Delivered at Pratt University, Brooklyn, 2018