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I'm Gedney

I write, make music, and sometimes video, performance, photography, and collages. 

If you want to work together (write something, compose something, book a show), let's talk:

gedney [dot] barclay [at ] gmail [dot] com. 


"She wants to talk about everything while talking about one little part of it, encourage an experience of a now...poetry yelled into the expanse, wind whipping, the truth of a body curled back into a perfect hole in the rock"

High Desert Test Sites

"Transitions are practically danced. But yet within the score the whole thing retains a looseness. We get beauty and precision without any sacrifice of spontaneity or life."

New York Theatre Review

"She speaks with a staggering exactness of tone. I had the sense I was entering into the genetic code of the English language…she entered truly into the sound of the language, approaching the point of mystery where sound transforms into sense through the alchemy of diction"

Marcel Pérés,

Director, Ensemble Organum

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